Hackathon management platform
Make Hackathons and Innovation programs work smarter!
HackTribe is all-in-one hackathon platform for both online and onsite hackathons. Simplifying every step, from registration to collaboration, we make organizing hackathons effortless, ensuring a great hackathon experience for everyone.
Customers and use cases
Our platform is used by universities and companies for organizing hackathons, bootcamps, incubators, innovation programs, and summer schools, ensuring a streamlined process and providing a great user experience for all involved parties.
Why HackTribe?
  • Easy Collaboration
    Simplify the process of team collaboration and communication, ensuring everyone stays aligned and informed throughout the hackathon or innovation program.
  • Process automation
    Automate and organize event logistics, registration, and scheduling, making the management of hackathons and innovation programs more efficient.
  • Enhanced Innovation
    HackTribe provides supportive environment that encourages participants to think outside the box and come up with groundbreaking solutions.
Our platform integrates essential features such as participant registration, team creation, seamless communication, mentoring, and an efficient judging process.
Landing Page
The feature offers a customizable Landing Page to provide a great first impression and provide participants with all the essential information at a glance.
Ideas Management
Collect ideas, create teams and define the goal of your project. The simple idea review and administration process give you an overview of your innovation program.
Teams and Mentoring
Manage teams with ease. Mentors hub provides to the team members an overview of available experts and simple 1:1 mentoring session scheduling.
Evaluation and Voting
The evaluation and voting feature in HackTribe streamlines the decision-making process by allowing judges and participants to easily rate projects and ideas.
Announcements and Discussions
Announcements and discussions feature fosters seamless communication within teams, enabling everyone to stay informed and engaged.
Data Analytics
Our platform gives you easy-to-understand analytics so you can see how well your events are doing and find ways to make them even better.
We can help you work more effectively
We offer your team a complete set of tools to help you organise the best hackathon and innovation program experience.
Work on any device
The HackTribe interface is responsive. Now you can stay on top of everything about projects wherever you are.
Use clear interface
We have developed an intuitive and minimalist interface that you can get used to in no time. You'll also appreciate its look and feel.
Keep project documents in order
You can attach documents and files to your projects, boards and discussions to share them with your colleagues.
Work all over the world
Fully distributed worldwide? Access discussions from anywhere and communicate effectively without wasting a second.
Get reports and insights
Reports consist of all the details and data that you need. You can use them to analyze your productivity or share with colleagues.
Use multiple integrations
Integrate your work with Google apps and other popular services. You can integrate a huge variety of services through Zapier or API.
Book a demo!
Send us a message and will arrange a meeting to show Hacktribe in action.
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