Pitch Timer
Precious Moments, Priceless Impact: Every Second Counts.
Introducing the 'Pitch Timer' – a sleek, digital timer designed specifically for hackathons, demo days, and pitch competitions. This user-friendly timer features a large, clear display that counts down the remaining time in minutes and seconds. It's equipped with customizable alerts to signal milestones or the end of allotted time, ensuring presentations stay on track. With its simple design and adaptable settings, the 'Pitch Timer' is an essential tool for fostering a focused and fair competitive environment, keeping both presenters and judges aligned with the event's schedule.
Instruction Guide for HackTribe Timer App

Starting the Timer
  1. Set Time: Enter the desired time in minutes and seconds using the "Minutes" and "Seconds" input fields. These fields are located near the top of the app.

  2. Start Timer: Click the "Start" button to begin the countdown. The timer display will show the remaining time, counting down from the set time.

Using Warnings
  1. Set Warnings: Optionally, you can set soft and hard warnings by entering the time in seconds when these warnings should occur.

    • Soft Warning: A mild alert as the timer approaches the end.
    • Hard Warning: A more urgent alert closer to the end of the timer.
  2. Warnings in Action: When the timer reaches the defined times for these warnings, the timer display will change color (to orange for soft warning and red for hard warning) or play a sound, depending on how the warnings are configured in the app.

Pausing and Resuming
  1. Pause Timer: To temporarily stop the timer, click the "Pause" button. The countdown will halt.

  2. Resume Timer: To continue the countdown, click the "Resume" button (which replaces the "Pause" button when the timer is paused).

Resetting the Timer
  1. Reset Timer: If you need to start over or set a new time, click the "Reset" button. This will stop the current countdown and reset the timer to the initially set time.
Fullscreen Mode
  1. Activate Fullscreen: For a more immersive view, click the "Fullscreen Mode" button. In fullscreen mode, certain elements like time settings will be hidden for a cleaner display.

  2. Exit Fullscreen: To exit fullscreen mode and return to the standard view, click the "Exit Full Screen" button (which replaces the "Fullscreen Mode" button in fullscreen mode).

Logo Display
  • In fullscreen mode, the app will display a logo at the bottom. You can set a custom logo URL in the provided input field, or leave it blank to use the default logo.